Contemplating the development of cubism from an altitude of 32,000 feet and an air speed of 625 miles-per-hour

Ogling her soft geometries through the frosty port
six miles up, puts me in mind of whirling through
the sculpture garden of the Kröller-Müller Museum
near mid-winter closing time, searching for angles
and views of a body that seems to be moving, or
is it me? - circling her from more than one
angle, a plane revolving through the floating
world at rest, now describing a three-quarter rear
section, suggesting the beginning of an intention
to arise, spin out from the start of the span
of seventy-five years when the kinetic charge
released by Lipchitz leaves me
his nude about to take her body off.

In Staple Magazine 71, April 2009

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